I started playing golf two months ago immediately after retirement. When I was young I never thought that I would be playing golf with enthusiasm. I thought of the sport as too staid and boring, lacking energy. I used to wonder how people could spend hours hitting little balls into little holes. Perhaps, such a presumption was inspired by glancing at the telecast of golf tournaments and the figures of golf greats. Only old people seemed to be playing golf. But, now that I am older I must be in a psychological and physical state that allows me to appreciate golf very much. Yes, I love playing golf. In particular, it is a great pleasure to play golf on the golf course where the bucolic nature envelops the little journey we undertake (I know it’s the domesticated nature not the real one where the struggle for survival is an ongoing state of affairs). Golf courses are designed to mimic our lives in a gentle manner. Just like a life course there are obstacles, such as little hills, rough ravines, sand pits, and little ponds, but we are allowed to traverse the course in a leisurely manner. True, one can make it competitive, as in the case of tournaments. But, I think the essence of golf is an occasion for a little communion with the pleasant aspect of nature. In addition, I love playing golf because it allows me and my husband to spend peaceful time together in a pastoral setting for an extended period.