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I decided to relearn how to play the piano when I retired recently. It was a little awkward to restart playing the piano after a half century’s hiatus. I was mortified to hit the wrong notes so often. Not only have I partially forgotten how to read the musical notes, but also my fingers had difficulty moving over the keys freely. When the notes were placed outside the staffs I had to count each of the spaces to arrive at the correct notes. But I knew I should shake off that negative sense of embarrassment to redevelop the piano-playing skills to the extent I enjoy playing the music. I purchased a music book that had many classical music scores arranged for easy piano and began to play almost every day at least 10 minutes. And now, after one and a half months later I can play a few easy musical pieces fairly easily.

Being able to produce music gives one a great sense of serenity. Focusing on the notes lets one forget one’s self and being enveloped by harmonious sounds helps cleanse one’s mind. Pythagoras was quite right when he said “the highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment.”