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Our house is 23-years old. During this period its chimney had to be reconstructed once already, which I have forgotten about – due to selective memory I suppose. Recently after finding the heavily damaged chimney top due to water ants (it was a relief to know that the damage was not caused by termites; we felt this way even though our house is inspected by pest control company every year). Our house has a chimney because we have a fireplace – though we used this wood-burning fireplace only once. The investment we made on the house chimney for the sake of the wood-burning fireplace thus has been rather inefficient. Upon consulting an architect, we decided to replace the wood-burning fireplace with a gas fireplace. Now we need to find a new fireplace as well as the people who would be able to reconstruct the gutted chimney well. As usual we find this process of finding good construction people very difficult mostly because we are in an unfamiliar territory. Many of these people who make estimates and suggestions seem to be mostly interested in increasing the amount of work needed for them to do the job. I feel many of the construction people may not be as trustworthy as we want them to be (we already encountered one of the deceptive construction person and had to hire another contractor to repair the damages done by the first constructor). We want the home to be secure and safe protecting our privacy. We want our house stay the same – as if it transcended time unlike other living organisms. But, unfortunately inanimate matters also exist in time; everything manifests the mark of time.

“Just because we close our eyes to the unceasing variation of every physical state, we are obliged when the change has become so formidable as to force itself on our attention, to speak as if a new state were placed alongside the previous one. Of this new state we assume that it remains unvarying in its turn and so on endlessly.” – Henri Bergson The Creative Mind