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According to the Associated Press, and other news agencies, the Spanish nurse assistant, Teresa Romero, who had contracted Ebola virus while taking care of two infected missionaries, tested negative of Ebola virus on Oct. 19. Romero remains quarantined at Madrid’s hospital until another Ebola test, which is scheduled 2 days later, will prove that she is indeed virus free. According to the Yomiuri news agency, Spanish newspaper EL Mund reported that the nurse was given an anti-flu medication Avigan (generic name favipiravir) developed by Fujifilm Holdings Corp’s subsidiary Toyama Chemicals. Earlier this month Avigan also contributed to the cure of French Ebola patient. It’s not clear why this news has not been reported here in the US though I surmise it is probably because the efforts to cure the Ebola patients are still highly experimental and complex. But, if this is really the case, one would hope that Avigan is also used to treat two Dallas nurses who contracted Ebola virus while tending the first Ebola patient in the US.