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The result of the mid-term election was baffling. Though the Republican wins were predicted in many states, the extent of their sweep was puzzling. How could the Americans reelect/elect the Republican senators and congressmen knowing their work records were poor? Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that the voter turnout was abysmally low this mid-term election year, according to most political analysts. Though, according to the Pew Research, statistically the voter turnout for the mid-term election is low, compared with that for the presidential election year, this year’s turnout was one of the lowest, according to United States Election Project. While 40.9 percent voted in 2010, 36.6 percent voted this year. So the dominance of the Republican Party in both houses was determined by about one-third of the eligible voters in the U.S. this year. This poor voter turnout is said to be due to the more stringent voting rules, such as shortened time period for voting and problems with voter registrations as well as voter apathy and disengagement. Obviously, this is not a pretty picture for the state of democracy in the United States of America.