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Last night I realized our house furnace was not working. I did feel that it was rather cold inside the house, but I thought the coldness was felt due to the planned power outage that happened a few days ago – a form of sensory inertia. But, last night I checked the thermostat to see the temperature of the house was 65F and realized that the heating system indeed was not working properly. (I wonder if it is a sad burden of the modern humans to have learned to trust mechanical devices more than our senses.) The grates over the vents were cold; there was no sign of heat. When my husband checked the furnace (a fairly new furnace, purchased only 2 years ago) he saw error messages.

Early this morning my husband called the repair person requesting the emergency repair of the furnace. I am happy to report that the person showed up about 1 hour later and fixed the problem although today was Sunday. My husband said that a pipe was clogged by the shaved PVC pipe materials that were produced at the time of installation. Now our house is warm and cozy again.

Food, Shelter, and Clothing are said to be three basic needs of humans. Somehow we seemed to be plagued by shelter problems as soon as the winter began. (According to the traditional Japanese lunar calendar, winter began on Nov. 7th). I find it ironical that we found a problem with shelter when it is most needed.