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According to the Associated Press and other news media, the arctic weather is expected this week in most of lower 48 states, bringing a swath of frigid air from Montana through Texas.

This report reminded me of the massive Arctic Vortex that covered from Maine to Florida, from New York to Texas in early January this year. Since we were in Florida at that time we were affected by it.

We were scheduled to leave Tampa for SeaTac via Dallas/Fort Worth on Sunday. When we arrived at Tampa airport the weather there was necessarily cold (though not warm either). As we wait at the airport for departure we were informed that the flight would be delayed because the pilot had not arrived from the north. One hour, two hours, we waited, and finally we could leave for Dallas/Fort Worth. However, when we arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth, we were informed that we missed the connecting flight and had to wait for a later connecting flight. One hour, two hours, three hours, we waited, and then we were informed the flights were cancelled. We struggled to get the flight for the following day, and after arranging for the flight we decided to stay at a hotel. The airline was unable to assist us in this respect because a great many people lost their flights as well. We rented a car (my husband’s idea) and found a hotel nearby. The next day we got up early (though we went to bed around 2am) in order to catch a flight. Again we waited and finally found most of the flights were cancelled due to the bad weather (it seems that airlines recycle the planes within the eastern half of the US). So again we decided to go back to the same hotel (this time without a rental car because we could use a shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport). The following morning we found ourselves in the same situation as the last two days. So we tried to find a way to get back to SeaTac in any possible way. Finally, we found an available option of flying to San Jose and then, finally, to SeaTac. I have to say that it was a most trying experience.

I expect that similar situations are likely to happen to many people throughout this week. I hope people will learn something from the experience we had earlier this year.