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We missed a ballet performance in Seattle today though we had the tickets for very good seats. This sort of missed opportunity has happened quite a few times before – mostly due to traffic as well as work-related situations. In the end, I would say this happens because we live a little too far from a big city where cultural events are more frequent. What I learned from this experience is that I should never purchase tickets for the final performance since I may be able to exchange the tickets for another day’s performance if there are available tickets for more scheduled performances.

We did see a collection of modern ballet pieces in March this year: it was exhilarating. However, I wanted to see this November performance as well – because, though identically titled as Director’s Choice, the program detail promised the performances of all different pieces, such as “Before and After” and “Rassemblement.” I hope that I’ll be able to see these works someday soon.

I think dance is an art form that synthesizes form and content completely, like most abstract paintings and sculptures as well as music. However, I wonder if dance can exist without any musical element, such as rhythm.