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Life is full of ironies.

On Christmas morning I woke up, and felt that it was a little chillier than usual (say yesterday). I suspected that the furnace was not working again. I tried to brush off my suspicion because the furnace problem was “fixed” less than 2 months ago. But, when I checked the room temperature indicator on the thermostat, my suspicion was confirmed: the furnace was malfunctioning – again; the room temperature went down to 63 F. So we had to call the furnace-repair person again. To say the least, this heating problem cooled down our “holiday spirit” considerably.

On my cursory reflection, I observe life is full of ironies, starting with some basic living -condition problems such as the furnace problem we are currently confronted with (which, I know, is not a big deal compared with more severe problems existing in the world). I know I feel it ironical that the furnace broke down on Christmas morning only because Christmas is supposed to be a merry and happy occasion. It is just this expectation of happiness and perfection of ours that makes us feel some imperfection in our lives magnified. If this furnace problem had happened on Dec. 1st, for instance, it would not be felt this disappointing. (Although I think the furnace problem was mostly caused by the imperfect skill of the repairperson, I also feel sorry for the repairperson who has to work on Christmas. But, the fact of life is that there are always people who work on holidays. Thanks to them, our life can continue more or less as usual.)

Happy Holidays! I am hoping (hoping against hope) the world will be filled with peace, love, and joy this holiday season and this coming year!