One weekday my husband and I decided to go for skiing so that our bodies would become acclimated for skiing. Our area is full of great mountains where skiing is possible; however, due to climate change or global warming the area skiing resorts have suffered from the dearth of snow this skiing season. When our usual skiing resort opened in late December, finally, we no longer had time to go for skiing. But, since we plan to ski in Japan this winter we are pressed to find the time to go for skiing.

We got up early so that we could arrive at the skiing resort in good time (it usually takes about 3 hours to get there from home). As we drove through the villages at the foot of the mountain we were a little scandalized to detect no sign of snow. We began to wonder if what we saw on the skiing resort website was erroneous. As our car climbed the mountain even around the chain area where we normally stop the car to put chains on the tires, we did not see snow. We saw only the fierce white water caps on the river water that runs alongside the mountain road. The tree-canopied mountain road was beautiful, but there was no snow. However, a little later when our ears began to pop we began to detect the presence of snow. Each time we passed accumulated snow on the road-side we exclaimed, “Snow!” So, it was quite a relief when we started seeing snow all over. Certainly there were many patches of exposed ground, but nevertheless the slopes were skiable. And the sun was shining! The slopes were glorious with the blue sky, the white snow and the green trees. We had a great time.