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As I was folding the laundry I heard loud chain saw noises under our window. I opened the venetian blind and saw nothing. The noise seemed to come from our front yard. I thought our neighbor who moved to the next door about 2 years ago was again cutting something – not a tree since he had cut down all the available trees. I went down to our kitchen and was a little shocked to see a red-helmeted man taking off the branches of the wild cherry tree that was sticking out into our backyard. This person was in our backyard without informing me about it. Then, I thought my husband again forgot to inform me about a workman whom he hired to do some job in the back yard. Then, I noticed that he was not alone. I saw another red helmet peeking out behind the tall cherry tree, and then another red helmet bobbing up behind our backyard fence. I called up my husband to inquire into these chain saw wielding men. It turned out these men were hired to cut the cherry tree by the “homeowner’s association” that viewed the old wild tree dangerous. As they removed the branches one by one, some of these branches knocked down the fence that separated our backyard and the common green belt. When everything was done with a big thump of the falling tree on the commons the workmen fixed the fence. I asked my husband if we should tell the association that they should have told us about their decision to cut the tree. But my husband disagreed because they did not cut a good fir tree that was right next to the cherry tree in the green belt; he does not want to cause unnecessary trouble. We often accept somebody’s unreasonable behavior for the sake of maintaining neighborly harmony.