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March has arrived, but it seems winter storms are still roughing up people in many parts of the US. But, in our area already cherry trees began to blossom, announcing the arrival of spring. I wonder if it is impossible climactically to have calm weather all over the world.

On a sunny afternoon as I walked our dog I was greeted by pink blossoms of a few cherry trees. As usual, I felt elated by the nature’s show of its power of renewal, rebirth. The sun was shining, peeking through the luscious green of tall fir trees that surround us. For this reason, we had a longer walk today. Although our dog seems to enjoy a longer walk, he often tried to turn back homeward – mostly due to his Pavlovian tendency, I think, to repeat what he learned automatically. He is a creature of habit even more so than we are.

I called up Century Link, our land-telephone provider, to cancel the so-called “call-waiting” service because it often cut off our ongoing telephone communications. It was particularly frustrating when a solicitor’s call interrupted and then cut off our call to some service person after being kept for a long time. As usual I was kept on line for a long time, then finally when I talked with a live person he forwarded my call to another “phone repair” service which offered very limited options from which I was asked to choose, and then finally to a live person whose silence after I said something made me wonder if the person was at the other end. The whole process took about 1 hour. My husband said it is their tactic to give a customer a hard time when that customer is trying to disconnect a service.

After a 2-week vacation, the human-related social reality is a hard place to come back even when the weather is glorious.