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Last night when I tried to open my MacBook, which I bought only 7 months ago, by typing the password I was greeted by the shaking sign-in rectangle. So I checked my little black book to confirm my password. However, the more I typed the correct password, the more violently it seemed to shake. “A Hacker attack!” was the first thought that came in my mind. (I really hate hackers who creep around online in wait of their next victim. Why can’t they use their precious time in a more productive way?) Then, my second thought was that disabling a computer after 2 unsuccessful input attempts was Apple’s idiosyncratic way to protect its owner. So I went to online by using the old family PC to ask the way to correct the problem I was encountering. As I typed the problem, someone interjected to say that they could help. My husband, who tends to believe in technology uncritically, suggested that I accept the help. But soon I realized the very person, who sort of identified oneself with a small ID pic (well, unfortunately many things said and done online can be deceptive), appearing on the monitor without my request could be a hacker. So I closed up my computer and turned off the power, feeling a little sick in the stomach about the ubiquitousness of hackers. (I wonder if the time, 9pm on Friday, is the prime time for the unfulfilled hackers to become active.)

This morning, again I attempted at opening my MacBook. Again, I found my typing up the correct password did not work. I had breakfast and then I remembered a little light on the left side of the keyboard. Then, I recollected that I had responded to an email from Japan in Japanese earlier on Friday. Yes, that’s it! By changing the text input mode into Japanese the system turned all alphabets into capital letters! The password system is case sensitive! So I could make my MacBook work after removing the capitalization. Sometimes I wish I were more knowledgeable about computer technology. But, I also wonder what the world would be like if everybody becomes a person of computer technology. Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message.” Well, that means the form itself matters much more than the supposed content carried by that very form. Is the world becoming the one of forms without contents?