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According to the Gregorian calendar, today (March 20, 2015) is the first day of spring. We, in the Pacific Northwest, did have spring in the form of spring rain. However, in the eastern and mid-eastern part of North America they had snow – at times heavy snow; so much so that many flights were cancelled and icy and snowy roads caused many traffic accidents, as reported by many news agencies. It just goes to show that nature cannot be understood thoroughly. Nature often reminds us that its working is so complex that we may never be able to understand or control it in a satisfactory manner.

That said, I wonder if the unusual weather may have been caused by some oddities in gravitational field caused by the solar eclipse. NASA reported that Earth would observe the total solar eclipse (the first one since November 2013) as well as the Supermoon (the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit) on the first day of spring this year, that is today.