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Before I started playing golf last summer I rarely paid attention to televised golf tournaments, whether they were major or not. But, now all of sudden I became more interested in the televised tournament, particularly Masters Tournament, because I saw Jack Nicklaus hitting a hole-in-one on 3-par hole on TV news. A hole-in-one on 3-par hole is no longer a puzzling proposition; I know it’s do-able with enough knowledge of the course (particularly the greens) and excellent control – though very difficult. And this time around, I have been secretly rooting for Tiger Woods, that seemingly has-been golfer who fell from grace in a dramatic fashion. I don’t know exactly why I am rooting for Tiger Woods. Is it because he seems more human to me after seeing him with his children and Lindsay Vonn besides him? Is it because he was the first minority major golfer? Or is it because I was brought up in Japan where the failed heroes are loved more than successful ones (see Ivan Morris’ The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan). Certainly Tiger Woods seems in a very long shot from the winning Jordan Spieth, the 21-year-old wunderkind; but it’s nice to know that he stayed within the group of possible contenders for this Masters Tournament. I think many people like the narrative of a big come-back.