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The younger of our grown children came home to see the dentist and dermatologist. This time a 4-month-old Jack Russell Terrier came along. It was tacitly assumed that I was to take care of the puppy. This tiny, cute, yet a little aggressive puppy was full of energy, running around the house and yard, escaping through every dog gate we had in the house. Our 8-year-old Labrador Retriever, which is at least a dozen times bigger than this tiny terrier, seemed mostly happy to have this cute puppy around him despite her occasional mock-attacks on him, nipping his cheeks and jaw (he yelped when the attack became too annoying or painful). It was amazing to see how patient our dog was with her. It is not clear why our dog was so patient and generous toward this puppy. Is it because he simply enjoyed her company? Is it due to his socialization training, though he does not always behave well trained? Is it due to his timidity (a kennel person once said he occasionally was)? Is it due to his trust in us who are overseeing them? Observing how well these two dogs associated with each other made me think about the state of human world. What makes the human world so fraught with danger of explosive nature? Is it due to human egotism (each head of the state might be thinking the “best” for his/her people or private self)? Is it due to an extraneous ideology that has brainwashed its holders so thoroughly that they cannot think critically or for themselves? Or, is it due to the inborn personality of the head/heads of the state?