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Two days ago I played golf on a different golf course for the first time since our country club was closed on that day due to the water problem. Whenever I play golf I play with my husband, and we usually play golf twice a week. The day when the country club was closed unexpectedly was one of those days set for us to play golf. So we decided to play golf on a different course in a neighboring town because time is very precious for my husband.

We chose a city golf course since we could pay to play. The golf course was very crowded; and we wondered if we would have to wait for playing on the course. But, we could start playing immediately since most people there were merely practicing on the hitting range. The course was rather flat compared with our club golf course. The best thing about the course was that we could find the balls very easily. Though we were somewhat rushed by the following groups of players, we could play 9 holes comfortably enough. We very much enjoyed playing golf on the city course, but we like our club golf course better because the terrain is more interesting with lots of hills and ravines.