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We have been in the grip of heat wave for more than a week. According to the weather forecast, this heat wave will continue throughout this week. I thought: “so this is what global warming means,” despite the fact that the weather seems more moderate in the usually hot-in-the summer areas, such as Washington, DC and New York City. Though hot weather does not happen so often in the Pacific Northwest, when it does it feels rather intolerable. The heat makes one feel lethargic, often depriving one’s desire to move energetically or read serious books. But, there are other places much hotter and more scorching than this area, such as Las Vegas and Phoenix. The rare heat wave here is felt intolerable only because we are not used to it. What is a very hot weather? Most concepts are relative to a great extent, including the warmth of weather, because they were created by humans for the sake of convenience. In a temperate climate such as that of the Pacific Northwest, 20 degree Fahrenheit is felt bitterly cold while 95 degree Fahrenheit is felt scorching. On the other hand, since we are used to constant misty rain, frequent rain does not really bother us; in fact, I prefer playing golf in misty rain to playing golf on a very hot sunny day.