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The Women’s World Cup final was played between USA and Japan. This matching was the second time since they played against each other in 2011. Although I somehow had a premonition that this time USA would win against Japan I did not expect a display of almost shocking dominance by American women. Within 5 minutes into the game the Americans scored 2 points (highly unusual for any soccer game, I think), and unbelievably they scored 2 more points within the following 12 minutes. At that point, I wondered if Japanese women could continue, but obviously they did. They did not give up even when their opponents were 4 points ahead. The Japanese women could energize themselves and scored 1 point before the first half ended. After the half time, they scored 1 more point. But, the American women refused to be satisfied with 4 points and scored 1 more point. In the end the Americans won the championship by a score of 5 to 2.

This game was one of the most exciting soccer games I had ever seen (admittedly I do not watch so many soccer games but I know they can be a little frustrating because of the low scores). I just admire those women soccer players who can run around the big field for 90 minutes with such energy and power.