My husband and I visited New York City basically to visit my husband’s parents in Long Island. The schedule of playing golf the following day was grueling (after all it takes more than 5 hours to get to New York from SeaTac with a direct flight). After arriving at JFK we drove toward Eastern Long Island and had dinner at my husband’s favorite Italian restaurant in Babylon. When we arrived at our hotel it was already after midnight. We got up around 5am for an 8am tee time. We did not have breakfast at the hotel since my husband insisted that we could have breakfast at the restaurant of Pine Hills Country Club (I think my husband may have had a fantasy vision of the public country club). We each had a horrible cup of coffee and an unhealthy-looking pastry for breakfast since the country club had only a bar.

After having “breakfast” we rented clubs and golf cart. As we moved toward the driving range we were met by my husband’s brother. Around 8:20am an old man came around in a cart and signaled that it was our time to start playing golf. The weather was not optimal with dark clouds hanging over us threatening to start rain showers. Until the 7th hole, the weather held up, and then, it started to rain. It did not bother me because I prefer playing golf in cool weather to playing golf in sunny but sweltering heat. Nevertheless, we took a break; my husband had Gatorade and I had water and a protein bar. We played 18 full holes at a very fast pace because the golf course was packed with people (mostly men). Compared with our Country Club golf course which is full of ravines and water hazards, this course was rather flat with a few water hazards. Some men obviously played golf while drinking beer because I saw one man carrying several cups of beer to the golf course. We enjoyed playing golf there despite our rather suboptimal condition. It helped that my husband’s brother knew the course (for instance, he knew which ponds actually had water in them) since he had played golf on the same golf course for two days by the time we joined him in the game.

At my in-laws’ house some people joked that we had brought rain with us. This tired old joke is the one we often receive when we go to New York – another example of “mine is better than thou sentiment.”