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My husband and I visited the Museum of Modern Arts in Manhattan which is one of my favorite museums. I was not expecting that the special exhibit, Yoko Ono Retrospective. Since her art work is often described as “odd” or “shocking,” I did not anticipate so many thought-provoking ideas and philosophical insights – though I expected to see her sense of humor. One of my favorites was titled “Paintings to be Constructed in the Head” presented as a series of framed white papers in which descriptions of paintings were written so that the viewers themselves could imagine completed paintings in their heads. In many ways, the body of her work can be categorized as Postmodern or Dada in the sense that it questions our customary way of perceiving and explores new ways of thinking and seeing. After seeing the exhibit I formed more respect for her as an artist. In a way, I suspect she might have been more respected as an artist had she not married John Lennon.