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Like 23 million viewers in the U.S. (according to CNN) I watched the Republican Presidential candidates on Sept. 16th that lasted 3 hours. The arguments exchanged among the 11 candidates (!) were often more gossipy than substantive, but they were at least lively most of the time. Probably, like me, most of 23 million viewers tuned in to check out what the hoopla about one particular candidate Donald Trump was all about (CNN and other TV news media corporations should be thankful to Donald Trump, an entertainment pro) and I guess most of us were satisfied with what they observed.

What I took away from the debate was that was Carly Fiorina, the sole female candidate among 10 men, was a very credible presidential candidate. She was smart: notice how she responded to the moderator’s trick question about Donald Trump’s insulting comment on her looks. She was authoritative: she showed off her knowledge of how U.S. military was working currently. She was steely and decisive: she said categorically that she would not “talk” with Mr. Putin with regard to the current crisis in Syria, having met him personally before. She was confident: she assumed the demeanor of an experienced politician successfully. She showed her willingness to be personal by disclosing her family tragedy involving one of her immediate family members. In short, she was a spitting image of Hilary Clinton with opposite political affiliation. I am happy to see the emergence of another “worthy” female candidate from the Republican Party, which has impressed me, occasionally, as anti-women and anachronistic as the ayatollahs that they seem to condemn.