I started playing golf a little more than a year ago, and to my surprise my balmy fondness for playing golf continues. I am not a “serious” golfer who counts every stroke trying to go through the entire course as fast as possible. Instead, both my husband and I enjoy walking along the undulating hills of our club golf course surrounded by tall evergreens occasionally coming out into the open space at the green that shows a breath-taking vista of Mt. Rainier. We both love walking rather than using an electric golf cart, because walking adds health benefits to playing golf. True, my golf definitely improved and it’s joyful to put the ball into the hole in one stroke or hit the driver far enough for a ball to reach the center of the fairway. (Predictably, my husband is more into “improving his golf skills.”) But, the true happiness, particularly for me, is to be surrounded by nature and occasionally witness wildlife, such as raccoon family crossing the fairway, deer grazing on the hillsides, ducks swimming in the pond, and robins watching golf balls apparently mistaking them for eggs. Playing golf can be a spiritual experience.