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According to Japan’s Fuji News Agency, two male golf players were attacked by a group of wild monkeys (about 10) while playing golf on Sunday night (Japan time).

A group of golf players (2 men and 2 women) were playing on a golf course in Atsugi, Kanazawa Pref… When one male golf player went into the wooded area to pick up his ball, a group of monkeys started to chase after the two male golfers while shrieking at them. The monkeys ran so fast that one golfer fell into a bunker, and suffered an injury that would require one month recuperation time. According to the golfers monkey were occasionally sighted on the golf course but they had never attacked humans.

I found this story interesting because I often sight wild animals on golf courses as well as in our backyard (I see a number of deer lounging in our backyard almost every day these days). I used to think of sighting of wild animals very pastoral and pleasant without realizing that the phenomenon is actually the evidence that shows wild animals’ natural habitats are getting encroached on by humans. Our backyard became a place of respite for wild deer because of the almost constant housing development that has been occurring in our wetland area. I am afraid that humans are overpopulating the earth, driving other creatures as well as ourselves to extinction.