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It seems the gap between Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s popular votes is widening further. According to Greg Price of International Business Times, “Hillary Clinton is likely to have secured two million votes more than Donald Trump once all ballots are counted.” This means that people in certain areas have more than just one vote as far as the presidential election is concerned. I know that it is not regular people but the Electoral College (“electors of each state”) that ultimately chooses the president; but the Electoral College value number is based on the winning of the popular vote in each state – except for 2 states (Maine and Nebraska). This sound rather strange considering the United States is a democracy, if in fact some people’s vote counts for more than one.

For instance, ironically “Trump himself had previously called the electoral college ‘a disaster for democracy’ after mistakenly thinking that Barack Obama had lost the public vote in 2012 but retained the presidency.”

I think the Electoral College system should be abolished because at this time in human history where mobility is egalitarian. It has become outdated and unfair because it often devalues the votes of the city dwellers – as it did in this year’s election.