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I’m finding it rather difficult to overcome the post-presidential-election sadness. Each time I see on TV news programs the video footage of people screaming “Lock her up,” I feel horrified. Particularly, I do not understand why so many women found it so enjoyable to shout in this way (the video I saw involved mostly women – I guess the video-recorder found it more titillating to show women in this way). Each time I see a group of men display Hitler salute while shouting “Heil Trump” I feel terrorized. (In many ways, these men are very much like the ISIS men, according to a research report “Similarities of Hate: White Supremacists and Islamic Extremists” on the “Counter Extremism Project” site.) So I felt a little relieved to learn that Trump said “I disavow and condemn” the white supremacist such as KKK and Neo-Nazis during his meeting with staff members of The New York Times on Nov. 22. I also felt comforted to learn that Trump would not prosecute Hillary Clinton. Since these statements were delivered only in a private meeting it’s not clear if the president-elect really meant them when he spoke. I hope he will clarify in his official address to American people as soon as possible his intent not to realize many of his extreme plans voiced during his campaign if he really wants to be successful as a president to all people in the United States of America.