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Four days have already passed after the year changed to 2017. Like most areas of the U.S. we, in the Pacific Northwest, have been experiencing the below-average, freezing temperature due to the familiar arctic blast. It’s been cold. Some people might say, “This cold spell is the evidence that the ‘global warming’ is a hoax.” But, is it really the case? The fact is that the polar bears as well as some communities in arctic area are now facing existential crises due to the disappearance of their usual habitats, that is, arctic ice, caused by the rising temperature. Indeed, the average temperature of the globe is definitely rising, according to NASA, Climatic Research Unit and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. People who believe that the global warming is a hoax are a little bit like the people who do not believe the heliocentric solar system because they do not personally experience the earth circling around the sun.

Looking out of the window on a sunny day, the baby-blue sky seems inviting me to get out of the house to play, for instance, golf. However, I know it would be too cold to play golf outside by just observing the frozen puddles on the driveway. So my husband and I decide not to play golf but, instead, to have a walk on the golf course.

It was delightful to have a brisk walk on the golf course on an invigoratingly crisp sunny afternoon. As we walked, I noticed the ground was slightly hard, making faint crackling noise at each step. In the sky, flocks of little birds (sparrows I think) moved from one tree to another for some obscure reason (to keep themselves warm?). By the end of the 9th hole I felt we had a better cardiovascular exercise than playing golf since we made continuous brisk strides rather than stopping frequently to hit the ball. Yet, playing golf is definitely much more fun.