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On May 3rd 2017, FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his improper behavior around the time of 2016 US Presidential Election. While defending his revelation of FBI’s re-investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Oct. 28 in his letter to the Congress, he said “It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election.” As one of the majority of voters who supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, I have been more than “mildly nauseous” about the last election. It seemed to reveal the unenlightened and ugly side of United States and many of its people. True, only 59.3 percent of eligible voters voted for president in 2016 (the overall turnout was 60.2 percent) according to FactCheck Org. But, certainly the election result is significant even when the result was of the gerrymandered political system and the winner was not supported by the majority votes. It suggests that a quite sizable number of Americans is reactionary as if the Enlightenment had never happened. So it was such a relief to learn that French overwhelmingly voted against the super-reactionary force represented by Marine Le Pen in the May 7 election. Instead, 66.1 percent of voters (with 75% turnout) voted for the very young novice Emmanuel Macron (39). For Macron governance will probably be an uphill battle and he may not be able to solve many problems facing today’s France immediately; but it seems many of the voters know that (only fools can believe that one person can do such a thing.) Once again, as Dutch people did in March this year, French people impress me with their collective intelligence.